Autel continues its rapid expansion of DC Chargers with France being the first country with DC Compact installed and in operation

Nice, France--February 10th--Autel, a leading provider of automotive electronics and diagnostic equipment and tools, is pleased to announce that, as part of the company's European market strategy, its latest electric vehicle charger product the MaxiCharger DC Compact has been successfully installed at a beautiful riding club under the foot of Alps mountains in the outskirts of Nice, France, marking the debut of the MaxiCharger DC Compact in Europe.

The MaxiCharger DC Compact is a versatile and efficient electric vehicle charger that offers up to 47kW of power with its dual ports. It can charge two vehicles simultaneously, distributing power dynamically between them. With a 30-minute charge, users can expect to gain a range of approximately 130 km.

One of the key features of the MaxiCharger DC Compact is its 21.5-inch LCD touchscreen, which provides a user-friendly interface and allows for advertising capabilities.

The charger can be placed on a pedestal or set on wheels for maximum portability. It’s perfect for businesses looking to offer a quick top-up charge option without investing in a DC Fast charger and is also ideal for commercial fleets that need a slower overnight charge for their vehicles. For detailed introduction to the functions and configuration, please visit:

This first MaxiCharger DC Compact in Nice, France is now in operation. The site CPO gave high remarks for the expertise performed by Autel’s professional technicians during the charger configuration and accompanying service. EV owners will see more DC Compact chargers in Europe in the future, as Autel has been collaborating with more charging operators to have Autel's products installed in more charging points, benefiting more EV drivers with Autel’s solutions. For instance, Autel has just signed an agreement with Swedish charging operator Eways, which operates over 2,500 charging points in Sweden.

“DC Compact is ultra-compact with big DC power in a small package. Fast and smooth charging technology is a guarantee of a comfortable driving experience for drivers," said Mr. Di Wu, Autel France Country Manager. “We have established a responsive local technical service team in Europe to provide expert training, technical support and site services to charging providers. This is something we are proud of and committed to for our clients."

About Autel

Autel has quickly become one of the fastest growing charger manufacturers in the world. Autel was originally founded in 2004, with the aim of developing and supplying automotive intelligent diagnostic, inspection and analysis products and solutions in the automotive aftermarket. The expansion to include charging products in 2021 led to our portfolio of EV chargers.

Autel's robust EV chargers look great on the street, in car parks, workplaces, malls, restaurants, and more. By designing technology that is easy to install, own and use, and is adapted to harsh and extreme weather, Autel is focused on continually innovating to support our clients around the world.