AUTEL Energy Makes Global Debut at North American International Auto Show

Smart charging, storage and renewable energy solutions efciently improve infrastructure

DETROIT, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Autel Energy today made its global debut as the latest entrant to the efcient energy market, showcasing an ecosystem of viable and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions designed to advance the seamless transition to an e-mobility future. The brand revealed its comprehensive charging solutions for consumer and commercial needs at the 2022 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

North American International Auto Show

"As the transportation industry moves toward electrication, smart, efcient and digital solutions are the missing link," said Autel US CEO, Chloe Hung. "Autel is leveraging decades of leadership in the aftermarket space to expand into e-mobility with the debut of Autel Energy. We will use our expertise to tackle sustainability, one of the greatest challenges facing our planet, and today, we set forth a smarter, greener path for generations to come."

At NAIAS, Autel Energy revealed its end-to-end charging and energy solutions, which combine advanced hardware, software and support to offer digitally capable clean energy charging options designed to support the entire energy ecosystem. The company's full suite of solutions addresses current gaps in the market and provides greater power with more feature-rich content to bring increased value to commercial and home charging.

"Key to the success of the widespread adoption of EVs will be putting in place critical charging infrastructure to support it," said Autel Energy Chief Operating Ofcer, John Thomas. "Autel Energy is entering the market with a distinct competitive advantage. The company is innovating at a rapid pace, bringing products to market faster than I've ever seen in my 30 years in the industry. Autel Energy is committed to helping secure a sustainable planet for our future through a comprehensive, wide-ranging portfolio of energy solutions."

Powering the Planet

Autel Energy designs, develops and engineers integrated solutions that help achieve carbon neutrality and solve some of the biggest challenges seen today in the EV charging space. The company's MaxiCHARGER family of products includes AC (Level 2) home and commercial chargers, DC bi-directional vehicle-to-everything (V2X) home charging, DC fast charging (Level 3) and digital energy management offerings, including mobile apps and Autel's ChargeCloud, the only all-in-one charging cloud solution available today. Autel Energy's wholistic approach to curating solutions that address the needs of the entire charging ecosystem helps balance the grid while enabling the organic expansion of power access.

Thomas adds, "Autel Energy is invested in the success of the sustainable energy transition. Our focus is on managing energy across the entire ecosystem, which means helping balance the grid, supporting the transfer of energy out of vehicle batteries into homes, businesses and communities, and organically expanding the power grid to help bring more electric vehicles to market." 

Partnership to Green Detroit

As part of Autel Energy's investment in the sustainable energy transition, the company today also announced its partnership with The Greening of Detroit, a non-prot organization focused on enhancing the quality of life for Detroiters by planting trees, providing job training and educating youth. To commemorate the partnership, Autel Energy features both a live sapling and a growing digital tree in its booth. For every 100 leaves added to the digital tree, Autel Energy will plant a tree in the city. Leaves are added as visitors to the booth pledge their commitment to help beautify Detroit.

To learn more about how Autel Energy is leaving its mark on the planet, visit the Autel Energy booth at Huntington Place at the Detroit Auto Show.