Autel Launches MaxiCharger Series EV Chargers in Australia

MIDVALE, Australia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Autel, a global electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturer, announced it has launched its MaxiCharger EV charger series in Australia through a partnership with local distributor Connect Source, following the successful debut of the Autel MaxiCharger at this year’s Detroit Auto Show.

Australia’s EV market

The Australian federal government recently passed legislation to cut carbon emissions and has offered incentives to promote battery electric vehicles while phasing out conventional vehicles, which is expected to sharply increase demand for electrified mobility. New EV sales in Australia in the first three quarters of 2022 grew by 65% year-on-year and represented 3.39% of all new cars sold, according to Australia’s Electric Vehicle Council.

EVs are forecasted by the federal government to make up 26% of new car sales by 2030 as battery costs continue to decline and as government and leading automakers including Tesla invest heavily in charging infrastructure.

Autel MaxiCharger line-up

Autel’s MaxiCharger line-up includes both AC chargers suitable for homes and businesses and DC fast chargers ready for volume businesses and commercial locations.

The MaxiCharger AC is an AC charger with an integrated touchscreen and is compatible with every EV with Type 1 or Type 2 charging port. It simplifies installation and maintenance, while intelligently designed cooling keeps temperatures under full load 10°C lower than the industry average, extending product lifespan by more than ten years.

The DC Wall Mount is the smallest DC charger made by Autel, running two charging ports at 47kW each. Providing 130km range from a 30min charge, with a small footprint, low installation cost, and smart advertising capabilities, this charger is the perfect DC entry charger.

The MaxiCharger DC Fast is Autel’s fastest charger capable of delivering between 60 kW and 240 kW of power, the latter being fast enough to add 260km in 10 minutes of charge time. Designed for charge point operators and high-volume businesses, the IP54 rated charger is ready for all demanding charging needs. Besides, a 27-inch 4k touch screen offers an advertising gateway to target customers while they’re charging, and allows for multiple payment options such as credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Autel MaxiCharger available in Australia

Autel’s APAC region Director Henry He stated, “Australia has excellent potential as an advanced economy to lead the Asia-Pacific region in charging infrastructure, EVs, and the push for cleaner energy sources. We are ecstatic to partner with Connect Source and bring our charging technology to the Australian public.” Autel is now offering MaxiCharger in Australia via local distributor Connect Source. Please contact Connect Source for more information.

About Connect Source

Connect Source specialize in manufacturing custom wire harnesses and electrical control system with inbuilt application, combined with their enthusiasm for deploying and supporting industry leading technology applications for fatigue & distraction detection solution, modem/telematic, driver safety products and full turnkey solution for electric vehicle chargers across various industries.