Autel to Showcase Breakthrough EV Charging Innovations at ICNC23

Autel Energy, a leading provider of innovative EV charging solutions, is pleased to announce its participation in the highly-anticipated Intercharge Network Conference 2023 (ICNC23) to be held on August 29-31, 2023, in Berlin. Ting Cai, CEO of Autel Europe, is set to captivate the audience with an insightful speech on the future of EV charging. Autel's hallmark innovation, the MaxiCharger DC Compact, will take center stage as it makes a live demonstration at the Plug&Charge Showcase Zone to showcase its seamless charging process.

ICNC23 is renowned for bringing together top industry professionals, experts, and stakeholders in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure domain. Ting Cai’s speech and Autel’s charging capabilities of its products will provide attendees with an exclusive opportunity to experience first-hand the cutting-edge technology that Autel Energy has brought to the market.

Autel MaxiCharger series offer a revolutionary charging solution that has transformed the charging experience for electric vehicle owners. With its high-speed charging capabilities, intuitive user interface, and compatibility with various electric vehicle models, Autel has earned its reputation as an indispensable tool for EV owners. Notably, Autel Energy has been officially checked and validated by Hubject, making its way into the Plug&Charge ecosystem. At ICNC23, Autel will bring its MaxiCharger DC Compact to demonstrate the charging process at the Plug&Charge Showcase Zone, which will impeccably showcase its exceptional features, emphasizing its role in providing a seamless and efficient charging process for electric vehicles.

Following the ICNC23, Autel Energy is excited to continue its engagement with the electric vehicle community at IAA MOBILITY 2023 (International Motor Show Germany) to take place on September 5-10, 2023, in Munich. During this period, Autel will embark on a roadshow, with its event vehicles journeying from ICNC in Berlin all the way to IAA MOBILITY in Munich and ultimately welcoming visitors at booth C2 A31.

"We are delighted to be part of ICNC23 and IAA MOBILITY 2023, where we can showcase the capabilities of Autel’s EV chargers and its seamless integration with various EV models," said Ting Cai, CEO of Autel Europe. "As the EV market continues to grow, Autel Energy remains committed to delivering cutting-edge charging solutions that enhance the driving experience for EV owners worldwide."

Visitors attending ICNC23 and IAA MOBILITY will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the charging process of the demonstration EV by Autel Energy's comprehensive array of EV charging products. Autel Energy's team of experts will be available at the event to engage with visitors, share insights, and discuss the transformative potential of their cutting-edge charging solutions.

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