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Autel New Energy Co., Ltd. (registered at 101, Building B2, Zhiyuan, Xueyuan Road, Xili, Nanshan, Shenzhen, 518055, China) and its affiliates ("we," "us," "Autel," “our”, or the "Company") are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Personal information refers to any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. We collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your personal information when you are using our AUTEL CHARGE app or services, and we Only request access to the minimal, technically feasible scope of access that is necessary to implement existing features or services in your application, and limit access to the minimum amount of data needed.

We will comply with GDPR requirements in Europe, and all the personal data we mentioned above will be stored in the server within Europe, and controlled by our affiliate Autel Europe GmbH, a company registered with its head office at Adalperostrasse 82 85737 Isamaning Germany. Autel Europe GmbH operates Autel CHARGE applications or services as an affiliate of Autel New Energy Co., Ltd.

In this Privacy Policy, we will explain to you about the purposes, method and scope of the collection and use of your personal information by us, your rights to your personal information, and the security measures we take to protect your information.

What Information we may collect

Information You Provide to Us

You may provide personal data to us directly, in which case you are generally free to choose which personal data you want to provide to us. However, if some personal data is required for the performance of our Services and you choose not to provide that personal data, we may not be able to provide you with the Services you requested. Personal data we directly collect from you may, for instance, include the following:

  1. When you register with, log on or visit the App, you may be asked to provide personal information, including but limited to your first and last name, country, region, email address and phone number, profile photo (optional).
  2. When you participate in activities on the App, you may be asked to provide your vehicle’s MMY (Make/Model/Year), home and/or installation address of your charging pile and the electric policies for the location.


    Information We Collect Automatically

    When you use or interact with the App and/or Services, or view our emails, we may automatically collect, store and use information about your visits to the App, including but limited to: Terminal Device Operating System, Time Stamp, Application version, Application Distribution Channel, Mobile Network/Country Code, Time Zone, Network status (Wi-Fi/4G, disconnection, etc.), Battery status, CPU, Device type, Device manufacturer, Terminal Device Operating System Version, Session Start/Stop Time.

    To locate and analyze the possible problems of the chargers, the data we may collect includes: connection status, charger status, recording data of the charging transaction process, key information interaction logs, and other log information data for problem locating.


    We will process your personal information, with your consent and for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, when we need to fulfill our obligations to you under the user agreement and/or service contract, other legally binding obligations, or when we believe that such processing is required to protect the legitimate interests of ours or third parties after evaluation. We will use your personal information in strict accordance with this Privacy Policy and its updated content for the following purposes:

    • Manage and improve the content of the App and/or Services and enhance your experience;

    • Provide the App and/or Services, including but not limited to the facilitation of service;

    • Send correspondence about the App and/or Services, including by sending you information regarding changes to our policies, terms and conditions, as well as other information, including newsletters, announcements, information about Autel, special offers or promotional materials on our behalf or on behalf of third parties;

    • Personalize your use and interaction with the App and/or Services;

    • Analyze trends and statistics;

    • Operate, evaluate, develop, manage and improve our business (including operating, administering, analyzing and improving the App and/or the Services; managing and evaluating the effectiveness of our communications; and performing other internal functions);

    • Enforce this Privacy Policy, User Agreement, and any other terms that you have agreed to;

    • Maintain and enhance the safety and security of the App and/or Services and prevent misuse;

    • Comply with and enforce applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards and policies; and

    • Maintain and service accounts, provide customer service, verify customer information, process and complete payments and transactions on the App and/or via the Services;

    • Protect against, identify and prevent fraud and other criminal activity, claims and other liabilities; and

    • Remember your information so you will not have to re-enter it; and

    • Allow and manage your participation in prize draws, contests or similar promotional activities held by us and

    • Pursue or defend against legal claims

    • Otherwise manage and enhance the App and/or Services.

    • Remotely analyze the faults and safety risks of chargers to improve the performance and user experience of chargers.


    We will store the collected data in the background server database, and read and analyze it through database software or database analysis tools and internal web service. The collected data will be used to analyze the faults of the chargers. The analysis of the above fault data will only be limited to our authorized senior developers and technical support staff.


    We do not share personal information about you except as described in this Privacy Policy. We may share information collected about you in the following ways:

    1. In some cases, we will entrust a third party to process your personal information on our behalf. For example, companies that send text messages or emails and provide technical support on behalf of us. These companies can use your personal information solely to provide services to you on our behalf, however you can also choose to disable the certain “push notifications”. 

      Autel may, from time to time, share the Information with affiliated companies of Autel. We will only share collected information that is necessary, and such sharing is restricted to the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy. If we or our affiliates change the use and processing purpose of personal information, we will ask for your authorization again.
    2. When we are in a process of merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation, and if such process involves a transfer of your personal information, we will require the new company or organization that shall hold your personal information to continue to be bound by the restrictions stated in this Privacy Policy, otherwise we will require this company or organization to ask your permission and consent again. If it does not involve the transfer of personal information, we will fully inform you and delete or anonymize all personal information under our control. 

      We will require the above-mentioned third parties to take appropriate confidentiality and security measures to process personal information through agreements or other appropriate means.
    3. We will publicly disclose your personal information ONLY in the following situations:
    • After obtaining your explicit consent; or


    • Legal disclosure: Should we be legally required to comply with subpoenas or other legal procedures, litigations, or mandatory requirements of government authorities, we may disclose your personal information if we sincerely believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your or other's safety, investigate fraud or respond to government requests.



    1. Autel respects your right to your personal information. Below is a list of your legal rights as well as the measures that we take to protect these rights. Please note that, due to security reasons, we may verify your identity before processing your request.Right to be informed: We publish this Privacy Policy to inform you of how we process your personal information. We are committed to being open and transparent about how we use your personal information.
    2. Right to withdraw consent: To function properly, each service requires some basic personal information (please refer to the Section 1 of this Privacy Policy). For the collection and use of additional personal information, you can grant or withdraw your authorization and consent at any time. If you withdraw your authorization or consent, we will no longer be able to provide you with the corresponding service for which you have withdrawn your authorization or consent. If you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process the corresponding personal information. But your decision to withdraw your consent will not affect the processing of personal information based on your previous consent prior to the withdrawal. You may change the scope within which we are authorized by you to continue to collect personal information or withdraw your authorization by such action as deleting information or disabling device functions.
    3. Right to know what personal information we have about you and request a copy of the same, and to ask us to make rectifications If you find that the personal data we process about you is inaccurate or incomplete

    You may also have further legal rights concerning your personal data, depending on the jurisdiction in which you are located. In this respect, please see the GDPR-specific Section if you live in Europe.

    If you wish to do any of the above, please send an email request to

    In principle, we do not charge any fees if your request is reasonable. However, based on the actual situation, we may impose a certain fee to cover our costs for repeated requests or requests that extend beyond reasonable limits. We may reject requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical effort (for example, developing a new system or fundamentally changing an existing practice), may be detrimental to the legal rights and interests of others, or are very impractical. In addition, we may not be able to respond to your request if your request is directly related to matters involving national security, national defense, public health, criminal investigation and other public interests, or if the request may severely impair the legitimate rights and interests of yours or those of other individuals and organizations.


    We have taken reasonable and feasible technical security and organizational measures to protect the information collected for the services. However, please note that while we have taken reasonable steps to protect your information, no website, Internet transmission, computer system, or wireless connection is absolutely secure.

    We have adopted security measures that are in line with industry standards to protect the personal information you provide, and to prevent alteration, public disclosure, misuse, modification, damage or loss of the data. We will take all reasonable and practical steps to protect your personal information, including:

    • We will use "Secure Socket Layers" or SSL to protect your data. We will regularly examine our practice of information collection, storage, and processing (including physical security measures) to prevent unauthorized system access.

    • The security of your information is of great importance to us. Therefore, we will continue our efforts to protect your personal information and implement safeguard measures, such as providing full encryption for information storage and transmission, to prevent your information from unauthorized access, usage or disclosure. For certain specific contents of encrypted data, no one but the user has the right to access them.

    • We will prudently select business partners and service providers, and implement the requirements for personal information protection to the business contracts or audits and assessments between both parties.

    • We will conduct security and privacy protection training courses, testing and publicity activities to enhance employees' awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

    • We will use international and industry-recognized standards to protect your personal information and actively pass relevant security and privacy protection certifications.

    In the event of a personal information security incident, we will, in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, promptly inform you of the following: the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, disposal measures we have taken or will take, suggestions for your self-protection and risk mitigation, remedies for you, etc. We will timely inform you of the relevant situation of the event by email, letter, telephone, or push notification. When it is difficult to inform the personal information subjects individually, we will issue an announcement in a reasonable and effective manner. Meanwhile, we will also actively report the handling of the personal information security incident in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.


    For your convenience and information, the App may contain links to other online services, and may also include third-party features such as apps, tools, widgets, plug-ins and software development kit (SDK), such as

    Customer service of the Autel Charge App will be provided via Freshchat SDK. Customer service representatives can communicate with you via live chat. To ensure the normal use of customer service features, we will collect information including your name, email and phone number. For details about the information collected by the Freshchat SDK, please refer to:

    Sensors Data SDK will be used in Autel Charge App for analysis of data and user behaviors. To realize this feature, we will collect data including user ID, App package name, App version, date of first use, App crash information, mobile phone brand, mobile phone manufacturer, mobile phone model, mobile phone system version, screen height, screen width, whether Wi-Fi network is used, network operator, network type, device ID, IP address, city, province, and country based on IP address resolution, and IP operator based on IP address resolution. For details about the information collected by the Sensors Data SDK, please refer to:

    These online services and third-party features may operate independently of Autel. The privacy practices of these third parties, including details on the information they may collect about you, is subject to their own privacy policies or notices, which we strongly suggest you review. We urge you to review the privacy policies of such entities before providing any personal information. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of these third parties, including our vendors, or the privacy practices of other service providers.


    As a globally operating company, we provide our products or services through resources and servers around the world. We have established data centers in China, GERMANY, UK and the US, which means, in compliance with local laws and regulations and with your authorization, your personal information may be transferred to, or accessed from, the jurisdictions outside the country/region in which you use the product or service, to locations that may have different levels of privacy protection than in your own country.

    You understand that different data protection laws involve different risks. In such cases, we will take measures to ensure that the data we collect is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws, and that your personal information is equally protected as in the country/region where you use the product or service. For example, we will ask your permission to transfer your personal information across borders, and we will implement security measures such as encryption, de-identification, and signing necessary data transmission/sharing agreements with data recipients prior to cross-border data transfer.


    Please note that we may modify this Privacy Policy at any time, at our sole discretion, by updating the modified policy directly. The modifications will be effective upon updating and releasing, unless some other date is specified. You should review this Privacy Policy periodically so that you are aware of any modifications. Your use of the App constitutes your full acceptance of the Privacy Policy in its then-current form.

    We may not be able to honor each request that we receive and may not be required to do so under applicable laws, but if we are unable to do so, we will respond to let you know our reasons. We will not discriminate against you if you choose to exercise any of your rights as described in this section.


    If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy and/or the practices described herein, please email us at