Media team - Jun. 28 2022

Autel Energy Rolling Out EV Charging Stations in Singapore, Accelerating Sustainable Development Across Southeast Asia

Autel Energy, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging products and services, is rolling out EV charging stations in Singapore. So far, the stations in Hup Hin, the National University of Singapore, and Gain City at Sungei Kadut Drive have completed installation, and the one in Gain City at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 will be unveiled soon. Featuring Autel’s MaxiCharger DC Fast technology, the stations will offer a faster and more efficient charging experience to Singaporean EV drivers.

The Hup Hin charging station is equipped with four MaxiCharger DC 240kW and twenty DC 120kW chargers, primarily for Ebus and E-Truck users. At the National University of Singapore charging station, one DC 240kW, one DC 120kW, and two DC 60kW chargers are deployed, mainly for Ebus drivers. The stations in Gain City at Sungei Kadut Drive and Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 are each equipped with two DC 120kW chargers.

Autel’s 60-240 kW MaxiCharger DC Fast series can provide up to 265 km of range in just 10 minutes with a maximum 400A output current. With the boost mode, the charging speed can be improved by up to 30%. The MaxiCharger DC Fast series also feature a smart advertising and communication screen that can provide additional revenue streams for businesses, while also offering charging-related information such as State of Charge (SOC), cost, and kWh. Meanwhile, Autel’s charging solutions are highly reliable and compatible with all vehicles of IEC standards, and the company has been testing and evaluating new vehicles for interoperability to ensure a higher success rate for charging.

“We are excited to bring our MaxiCharger DC Fast technology to Singapore,” said Henry He, the director of Autel APAC and Australia of Autel Energy. “Our charging stations offer faster and more efficient charging for EV drivers while supporting APP, RFID Card, Credit Card, Mobile Payment. We look forward to further expanding our EV charging solutions in Singapore and beyond.”

With the installation of its charging stations in Singapore, Autel Energy is helping to accelerate the adoption of EVs and reduce the carbon footprint of transportation. Autel Energy has a vision to roll out more EV charging stations in the region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. By expanding its charging infrastructure across Southeast Asia, Autel Energy is committed to making EV charging more accessible and convenient for drivers while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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