Autel Energy partners with minority-owned Legacy Clean Energy to bring EV charging to businesses and disadvantaged communities.

Autel Energy, a global manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, has partnered with Legacy Clean Energy (LCE), a minority-owned business in Charlotte, NC, to provide EV charging solutions for businesses and underserved communities throughout the nation. 

"As a member of the historically disadvantaged and underserved minority community, I want LCE to become a strong voice for my community regarding matters of clean energy," said Donny Smith, LCE's CEO.

Autel, which entered the EV charging solutions industry just this September, has already established itself as a leader in innovative AC and DC charging solutions by developing products with elegantly streamlined designs, industry-leading efficiency, and cutting-edge technologies.

Autel's offerings include:

  • World-class charging hardware for AC home and commercial applications.
  • V2X bi-directional charging.
  • Hi-Power DC Charging products with capacities from 40KW to 480KW.

Autel's commercial products include dynamic communication protocols and robust feature sets on a highly efficient and flexible network.

"As a key member of the EV market, Legacy Clean Energy's faith and trust in Autel Energy is a humbling endorsement of our products and technologies and a testament to our high standards for quality and after-sales customer experience. Autel's decision to partner with Legacy Clean Energy reflects our continued investment in building diversity within our strategic partnership space. We are beyond excited to welcome Legacy Clean Energy into the Autel Energy family of partners!" said Andrew Byrne, Autel's North American Sales Director.