Autel Energy to Debut MaxiCharger DC HiPower with Live Demonstrations at CES 2024

Autel Energy, a leading provider of EV (electric vehicle) charging solutions and services, is set to mark its presence once again at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January. The company will showcase its acclaimed residential and commercial EV charging solutions including the highly anticipated debut of the MaxiCharger DC HiPower in conjunction with the latest innovations in Autel Charge Cloud.

On January 9-12, 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, Autel Energy will present live demonstrations of the MaxiCharger DC HiPower, a game-changing charging solution that redefines the EV charging experience. It boasts the following features that distinguishes it from other high-powered EV chargers:

  • Ultra-Fast and Efficient Charging Experience: With a maximum output power of 640 kW, and liquid-cooling technology, it can provide up to a range of 250 miles in just 10 minutes. Furthermore, it boasts a maximum single cable output power of 480 kW, setting a new benchmark in the industry.
  • Intelligent Operation to Optimize Power Efficiency: Autel’s Energy Cube and AI-driven switching algorithms optimizes power efficiency and reduces costs. The operational intelligence it provides through load balancing not only minimizes power consumption but also significantly enhances station performance.
  • Reliability to Drive High Uptime: Autel’s unified hardware and software design ensures minimal failure rates, enhanced maintainability, and optimal uptime. The product showcases an exceptional vehicle-charger compatibility rate of up to 99.5%, coupled with an equally remarkable one-time charge success rate of up to 99.5%.
  • Scalable and Future-Proof Solutions: The MaxiCharger DC HiPower starts at 320 kW and can be expanded up to 640 kW by adding power modules, compatible with solar power, energy storage, and energy management systems (EMS). In addition, multiple dispensers allow users to charge up to 8 vehicles simultaneously.

The MaxiCharger DC HiPower caters to On-the-Go Smart Charging and Destination Smart Charging scenarios. It optimizes total cost of ownership (TCO) and energy utilization for CPOs, grids and energy companies, while providing reliable hardware and efficient cloud management for fleets, ensuring optimal fleet operation at the lowest cost. It delivers maximum value to customers in both scenarios.

Autel Energy has reaffirmed its commitment to long-term investment in the EV charging business with the recent opening of their advanced manufacturing facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. The facility enables Autel to produce NEVI (National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure) & BABA (Build America, Buy America Act) compliant EV chargers to meet the growing market’s demand for high-powered commercial EV chargers in the U.S. and Canada.

Shane Long, Chief Technology Officer of Autel Energy US, shared his excitement for 2024 and beyond, “We are ready to return to CES with the most thrilling and advanced charging solutions imaginable. We are committed to being this industry’s leader by providing the ultimate comprehensive charging experience to consumers while promoting the transition to a greener future through our cutting-edge technology.”

Autel Energy is set to develop an integrated solution that flawlessly merges EV chargers with advanced software technology, further complemented by commercial amenities. This strategic move is designed to bolster the charging infrastructure, thereby cultivating a synergistic and vibrant energy network. Autel Energy's endeavor goes beyond merely establishing a comprehensive ecosystem, which signifies a landmark in the convergence of sustainable technology and business integration.

Join Autel Energy at CES 2024 for live demonstrations and insights into the latest advancements shaping the EV charging landscape.