Autel Hosts Partner Summit in Vietnam, Supercharging Diagnostic and EV Charger Success

Autel Hosts Partner Summit in Vietnam,  Supercharging Diagnostic and EV Charger Success

Haiphong, Vietnam (August 14, 2023)--- Autel, a leading manufacturer of EV chargers and diagnostic vehicle repair equipment, successfully held the 2023 Autel APAC Partner Summit for its partners in the Asia Pacific. The summit celebrated partner success for the previous year, hallmarking an important turning point in Autel's history as the company pivots toward EV charging and green energy solutions.

"We are ecstatic to bring all of our partners together here in Vietnam to celebrate their success the past year," said Henry He, Managing Sales Director of Autel APAC. "This summit marks a new chapter in the Autel story with our partners front-and-center. We continue to build world-class diagnostic equipment and provide innovative EV chargers for partners."

The 2023 Autel APAC Partner Summit highlighted diagnostic partners from different countries and regions, and celebrated them according to their 2022 achievements. Autel Energy's partners were also recognized for their success with EV chargers. All partners received a tour of Autel's state-of-the-art factory where the MaxiCharger series of EV chargers is manufactured.

"Our diagnostic partners laid the foundation for Autel, and now in conjunction with our energy partners are spearheading Autel's growth into a green energy future," continues He. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appreciate how far we've all come the past 19 years, and to envision an even greater future for our partners and the world."

Autel APAC has achieved multi-regional growth throughout the Asia Pacific, including key countries like Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other core countries and major cities in the Asia Pacific. And in the first quarter of 2023, the growth rate exceeded 92%. With the Partner Summit and the help of Autel's partners, Autel APAC is positioned to grow its popular MaxiCharger line of EV chargers to more countries in the coming years.

The 2023 Autel APAC Partner Summit was held in Haiphong, Vietnam on August 12.


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