Autel Energy launches MaxiCharger AC Ultra, world's most powerful AC charger, for European markets

Autel Energy, leading manufacturer of world-class electric vehicle chargers, today announces the availability of the popular MaxiCharger AC Ultra for Europe. The IEC certified, dual-socket commercial AC charger is now available worldwide as a European standard, 22-kilowatt electric vehicle charger.

"MaxiCharger AC Ultra is the world's most powerful AC charger," says Kelvin Cao, Vice President of Global Marketing. "It can output 22 kilowatts of power simultaneously, meaning two vehicles can charge at the same time, each receiving 22 kilowatts of fast AC power. It's great for businesses that need a sleek EV charging option for employees, customers, and guests."

MaxiCharger AC Ultra is OCPP compliant, featuring an eight-inch LCD touchscreen, IP54-rated enclosure, an RFID card reader, and multiple customization options such as a credit card reader, a pedestal, energy meters, and customizable logo opportunities.

Revenue Opportunities

MaxiCharger AC Ultra offers businesses an array of revenue-generating opportunities via Autel's cloud-based portal, including the ability to provide charge rate discounts based on customer profiles (first-time or loyal users) and driver groups (taxi or ride-hailing service drivers), and the ability to monetize programmatic advertising. The applications are limitless: fleets, schools, apartments, parking lot owners and housing associations can easily use the Autel Cloud to set driver groups, choosing when to monetize, and whether to charge guests or to provide free or discount charging.

"Our cloud platform is the brain behind a full-scale charging station," continues Cao. "Everything is designed to enhance the operator's experience. Whether you have one MaxiCharger or 100, the cloud can handle it all with ease, putting operators in full control of their business."

User-friendly Touchscreen

The eight-inch touchscreen allows businesses to engage with customers with branded videos or slideshows, or earn added revenue by allowing other companies to promote their products or services with promotional videos. The IK10 interactive LCD screen displays charging data such as cost, power, kilowatt-hours consumed, and total charging session time in multiple languages.

"MaxiCharger AC Ultra features industry-leading convenience with our touchscreen," Cao continues. "Drivers can begin charging in just a few taps of the screen. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-understand fashion, providing EV drivers with a world-class charging experience."

Drivers can pay using the Autel Charge app, a credit card terminal, or an RFID card, ensuring seamless connection for a variety of consumer habits.

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Autel Energy makes world-class charging hardware for AC (Level 2) home and commercial, DC Bi-directional V2X power management, and DC (Level 3) fast charging from 40kW to 720kW with innovative configurability and modularity.

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