Autel Energy and BEQ Technology Announce a Strategic Charging Partnership in Quebec, Canada

PORT WASHINGTON, NEW YORK – Autel Energy, a global electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturer, announced an exclusive EV charging distribution partnership with BEQ Technology of Quebec, Canada, today.  

This agreement is exciting news for the province and its citizens as it provides BEQ access to Autel's family of high-quality, affordable, and reliable EV charging technologies. This win-win partnership brings the province's best-of-best EV deployment and installation of electric vehicle AC & DC fast charging across Quebec. 

This partnership brings together two technology-focused and customer-centric organizations with a common focus to lead the country to energy independence by deploying fast, high-quality, and reliable charging for home, workplace, fleet, and public infrastructure. This partnership will help proactively prepare the province for mass EV adoption, affording Canadians easy and reliable EV access to millions of homes, businesses, and drivers. This collaboration is crucial to support the Canadian government's target to meet critical environmental milestones and objectives.

BEQ is very experienced in helping its partners navigate the EV charging landscape. Excellence was a critical element in choosing a partner, so BEQ spent significant time and effort to find the right EV charging partner. "For BEQ Technology choosing the right charging partner was all about finding a partner with the right fit in culture, mindset, and technology. 

With a plethora of charging manufacturers to choose from, BEQ's target was to work with the best," said Sylvio Proteau, president of BEQ.  "Autel checked every box with its high-quality one-stop product family, which allows us to provide solutions and address our customers' EV needs."

Successful EV charging begins and ends with choosing the right technology partner, as not all EV chargers are created equal. Autel is the only technology provider that designs, engineers, and manufactures its products with amazing aesthetics, futureproofing, and technology that will perform in all applications and climates. Now that the agreement is signed, BEQ will focus on quickly introducing Autel products to their many customers.  

Whether you're a consumer or an EV site operator, it's no secret that EV after-sales product reliability and support have been challenging. Being new to the market, Autel Energy designed its strategy and products to set a new benchmark for quality after-sales execution. It is a channel partner that executes an amazing total customer experience that makes that strategy a reality. After canvassing the market for the right channel partner in Quebec, BEQ Technology was at the top of the list and an excellent choice. "Choosing BEQ was easy. Both partners share a vision to be the best in the industry with a mission to electrify and Power the Planet," said John Thomas, Chief Operating Officer of Autel.

Huge visions require strong channel and installation partners who can quickly ramp up, leverage relationships, and bring high value through a proven methodology of robust customer service, knowledgeable teams, and tools to access opportunities. "BEQ Technology exemplifies our ideal partner and checks all of the boxes. BEQ leads the industry with a strong reputation and brand with a vision for overall excellence. We are excited to work together to grow the market and exceed the need of Quebecers," Thomas said.

About BEQ Technology

Founded in 2019, BEQ Technology is THE leader in Quebec in the sale and installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.  BEQ Technology offers charging solutions for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, as well as for condos, multiplexes, and more. 

We are the largest network of certified EV station installers in Quebec and have licensees across the province. 

 In addition to being a manufacturer and manufacturing agent, we provide support for conversion to LED and energy efficiency analyses.

Our goal is to offer our clients quality products integrating the latest technology on the market. Thanks to our passionate team, who is dedicated to innovation and green technology, we are known for providing unrivaled turnkey services with our fast-growing network throughout Canada. 

BEQ Technology is seeing fast growth and is the leader in Quebec for EV charging solutions. There is no doubt about it— the future is electric, and BEQ is driving the green transition!