Environmental Commitment 

At Autel, green is in our DNA

"At Autel, green is in our DNA. Today, one of the biggest challenges facing our planet is the release of toxic emissions from gasoline powered vehicles. Autel believes that intelligent charging solutions is one of the best ways to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. At Autel, we strive to create a green future beyond just electric vehicles, a future that incorporates renewable energy and creates sustainable life for generations to come.                             

  –Kelvin Cao,  Vice President of Autel Global Sales & Marketing     

Autel's MaxiCharger products and services are a part of the day-to-day life of our clients all over the world. We are working on making our charging products and cloud services more sustainable. This includes helping our customers reduce their environmental impact through our products and services.

Our Commitments

End of service/ support

  • Autel supports at least 8 years software update support.
  • Before end of software update support/service, you will be informed in advance by Autel tech support team via Website notice, email, messages or other chanels.

ESG Overview

At Autel Energy, we are delighted to share the 
environmental,  social and governance (ESG) inititatives that are of utmost importance to our business and stakeholders, including our customers, partners, employees, and cities we operate in.   

Environmental Management System

International Green Certification

Monitoring and measuring energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is a top priority for Autel Energy. We are measuring the entire footprint of our facilities all over the world, and responsibility for the EMS is distributed to all Autel facilities around the world. 

When it comes to corrective measures to stimulate continuous improvement, Autel Energy ensures that products are designed and packaged in line with
international environmental norms and requirements.

Our Approach


Autel is on a mission to create a green future with innovative, high-tech products. Our business is embedded in sustainability, helping accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and creating a sustainable energy distribution system.

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Social Responsibility

People are the heart of all business activities, from designing to manufacturing, to buying and consuming. Autel is investing in its employees and communities to create a green future with sustainable benefits for all we come into contact with.

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Corporate Governance

Autel is committed to sustainable operations and world-class oversight, helping promote the interests of all stakeholders in our business.

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