Social Responsibility

Community-Driven Leadership

Autel cares for communities across the globe. Due to wide-reaching operations across the globe, corporate structure is decentralized to allow for a more local, community-driven approach to work. This includes setting up offices and factories in different locations, hiring local employees and those from underserved communities, and contributing to the local GDP. Some regional offices have their own green initiatives, such as encouraging employees to bike to work and reducing the use of single-use plastics in the office. Autel headquarters have installed more than 20 solar panels on the roof to reduce fossil-fuel consumption, and will install more for our other offices.

We will continue to invest in our regional presence to become closer with the communities we operate in.

At the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Autel, together with its shareholders, donated the automated sample extraction system MGISP-100 and the supporting 2,000-person nucleic acid extraction kits and consumables to curb the spread of the pandemic started at the end of 2019.

Autel gives back to our communities by partnering with local non-profits. For example, our participation in the 2022 Detroit Auto Show was highlighted by our new partnership with the Greening of Detroit, a non-profit that helps plant trees around Detroit. Autel used its platform as a participant at the show to donate to the cause and to help build a green community. Up to date, Autel has planted 300 trees with Greening of Detroit.

Investing in Employee Well-Being

Autel offers equal employment opportunities globally, boasting around 2000 workers with diversified background in its 8 offices and 2 factories. Autel supports employees' physical and mental health by providing in-house canteens and workout facilities in dedicated workout areas with various workout facilities, including treadmills, dumbells.

Autel invests in our employees to help them perform outstanding work. Autel's provides competitive benefits and rewards excellent work with high bonuses. Autel knows talented employees are critical to our mission, so we continue to invest in the success of our employees. More than 20% of revenue is invested in the R&D staff, providing the company with a talented team to research and develop the highest-quality products that can help us create a greener future. Our employees are given the freedom to innovate, with set times allotted for employees to work on their own projects as long as they contribute to our mission of building a greener future. Employees also benefit from an open, collaborative workplace. Our offices are designed for ultimate collaboration and creativity, with dedicated shared spaces, helping employees unleash their latent potential. We treat employees like people, and in-turn they perform their best work.