Autel Energy Launches 12-Month European Roadshow: Discover Innovative EV Charging Solutions for Home and Business

Autel Energy, a leading developer of electric vehicle (EV) charging products, is pleased to announce the launch of its 12-month European Roadshow. The company will be showcasing its products and solutions to potential customers throughout Europe using two custom-built vehicles – the Infowheels Crafter and the Branding Egg Steamer.

On the vehicles, Autel will display its innovative EV charging solutions for both home and commercial scenarios. The MaxiCharger AC Compact and MaxiCharger AC Elite are designed for residential charging scenarios, while the MaxiCharger AC Ultra and MaxiCharger DC Compact are ideal for commercial charging scenarios. New products will also be displayed.

Having just finished the promotion tours in the UK and the Netherlands in March, the roadshow for April will kick off at IMREDD (9 rue Julien Lauprêtre 06200 Nice, France) before heading to Italy, the Nordic countries, Germany, and Spain in the coming months.

The roadshow aims to raise awareness about Autel Energy's EV charging products and to help potential customers understand how they can benefit from them. The roadshow will also provide an opportunity for customers to try out the products and speak with Autel's staff.

As part of its commitment to promoting sustainable mobility, Autel Energy always follows the trend in the EV industry by attending relevant exhibitions. Apart from Drive to Zero which concluded in Paris early this April, Autel Energy will also be attending the Hannover Messe on April 17-19, and the Fully Charged LIVE UK South on April 28-30.

"We are excited to launch our European Roadshow to showcase our innovative EV charging solutions to potential customers throughout Europe," said Ting Cai, CEO of Autel Europe. "We believe that our products can help accelerate the transition to a clean energy future and we look forward to demonstrating to our customers how we can help them with our solutions."

Autel Energy invites everyone to join the roadshow and learn more about Autel's products. The company is committed to increasing the availability of Autel EV charging products throughout Europe and beyond, and help promote sustainable mobility around the world.

Jojo Qian

Jiaqi Liu