Green Energy Powers the Future

Autel is a global company focused on exploring the sustainable development of better people, vehicles, technology, and new energy. In the world's technology market, Autel has a global presence and is committed to bringing valuable, reliable, and smart products to clients.

Our Story

Founded in 2004, Autel develops and sells automotive diagnostic, inspection and analysis products and solutions. Autel also develops and sells automotive electronic accessories. Our products and solutions cover more than 70 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Britain and Australia, etc. 

Meanwhile, Autel proactively started the exploration and development of EV Charging solution in 2021, aiming to explore the sustainable development of better people, automotive, technology, and new energy. 

In February 2020, Autel successfully listed on the SSE STAR Market (stock code: 688208).

Autel is committed to becoming a global leader providing automotive maintenance solutions that seamlessly integrate device, cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence, while continuously building the digital ecosystem and exploring new opportunities in intelligent driving and new energy. ​​

Autel has gradually built a comprehensive R&D team and quality control system. With its primary focus on the development of automotive diagnostic solutions, Autel has formed a comprehensive system that comprises all company segments, including software, hardware, design and testing. Autel continues to increase strategic investment in R&D. R&D investment accounts for more than 15% of revenue, and R&D employees account for more than 60 percent of Autel's employees. Autel has established R&D centers in Shenzhen headquarters, Silicon Valley, Munich, Xi'an and Changsha. Autel boasts 2 factories, located in Guangming District, Shenzhen and Haiphong, Vietnam. The floor areas of the Guangming and Haiphong branches cover 15,000 and 20,067 square meters, respectively.

Our Advantages

  • From our design process, R&D, production, through to sales and marketing, Autel products provide a total solution of EV Charging innovations, which include a range of AC and DC charging units, smart app software development, with built in battery diagnostics.
  • With a global presence in the world's technology market, Autel is committed to bringing good value, reliable and smart products to our customers. Our range of EV charging products perfectly fits for all the applications which include residential, workplace, retail, commercial parking, gas stations, highway, fleet, and public CPO. 

Leading technology

Educare School
  • Advanced EV Battery Diagnostic Technology 
  • EV Battery Life Increasing 
Educare School
  • High Compatibility of Vehicle-Charger






Mission Statement

Through continuous innovation, Autel is committed to offering safe, reliable, high-value EV charging and Energy storage solutions to our customers. Let's build a green and sustainable world together!