Autel Energy Launches Driven Snow White MaxiCharger AC Lite With A Festive Christmas Gift Box

Autel Energy, a leading innovator in electric vehicle charging solutions, is excited to announce the release of its Driven Snow White MaxiCharger AC Lite. Tailor-made to bring joy and convenience to EV owners during the holiday season, this festive addition to the Autel Energy product lineup is now available on Amazon US and Amazon CA.

As a leading brand in the EV charging industry, Autel Energy has consistently delivered cutting-edge EV chargers that combine technology, sustainability, and style. The Driven Snow White MaxiCharger AC Lite is no exception, seamlessly blending high-performance functionality with a touch of festive charm.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting spirit of Christmas, the Christmas Limited Edition of MaxiCharger AC Lite features a snow-white color scheme, symbolizing peace and purity, perfectly complementing the Christmas mood while easily blending with the colors of your garage and car.

Key Features of the Christmas Limited Edition MaxiCharger AC Lite:

  • Nine times faster charging than traditional Level 1 AC home chargers, ensuring that your EV is ready to hit the road anytime.
  • Versatile multi-way connectivity options, including OCPP, Autel Cloud, RFID, and convenient app control for seamless user experience.
  • Robust enclosure ratings of NEMA 4x (IP66) guarantee long-lasting durability and protection from the elements.
  • Customizable Christmas experience with adorable stickers included in the box, allowing you to decorate your charger according to your festive style.

This holiday season, Autel Energy's Driven Snow White MaxiCharger AC Lite not only enhances your Christmas spirit but also provides substantial cost savings and peace of mind. Autel's exceptional EV chargers, celebrated for their remarkable software and hardware capabilities, ensure that your investment is exceptionally worthwhile. With the outstanding features of the AC Lite, you will not only reduce your charging costs by scheduling charging at off-peak time, but also eliminate concerns about your electric vehicle's charging requirements. Check out how Digital Trends editor Nick saves money by owning an Autel Energy EV charger: I just installed my own EV charger. Here are 6 things to know first.

Now available on Amazon, you can experience the convenience of the Driven Snow White MaxiCharger AC Lite with a festive Christmas gift box. Don't miss out on this:
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