MaxiCharger AC Elite Home by Autel Energy Featured at Amazon Experience Area during CES 2024

In the recently concluded CES 2024, the Amazon Experience Area showcased an array of innovative smart living products, including Autel Energy’s MaxiCharger AC Elite Home. This cutting-edge offering captivated visitors with its seamless integration and intelligent charging solutions, demonstrating a new pinnacle in smart home technology.

The MaxiCharger AC Elite Home by Autel Energy takes convenience and efficiency to new heights. With WiFi connectivity, users can effortlessly monitor and control their charging sessions through the intuitive AutelExplorer app. Apart from being a reliable charging solution, the MaxiCharger AC Elite Home also adds a touch of sophistication to any home with its stylish and durable design.

Key Features of MaxiCharger AC Elite Home include:

WiFi Connectivity: Enables easy monitor and control via AutelExplorer app.

Stylish Design: Combines aesthetics with durability for a sleek charging solution.

Fast Charging: Ensures that electric vehicles are ready to hit the road promptly.

Advanced Features: Scheduled charging, energy monitoring, and Alexa compatibility for seamless voice control.

Autel Energy also introduced the innovative MaxiCharger AC Lite 10KW, now available on Amazon. Boasting easy assembly and environmentally friendly materials, this product reflects Autel Energy’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable energy development.

Visit the official Amazon store to explore and purchase the latest Autel products:

MaxiCharger AC Elite Home, which has repeatedly been named the Best Seller during Prime Day and Black Friday.

MaxiCharger AC Lite 10KW on Amazon US, Amazon Canada

Autel Energy’s presence at the CES Amazon Experience Area was more than just a display of products. It was a declaration of commitment to the future of smart charging and green living. Through innovative products and an unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility, Autel Energy's residential series leads the way in fostering a smarter, greener lifestyle, revolutionizing home charging and smart home technology.