MaxiCharger Series Wins iF Design Award 2022

The MaxiCharger series has won more awards. The iF design award was granted to three maxicharger products: The MaxiCharger AC Wallbox, the MaxiCharger DC Fast, and the maxicharger DC High power. 

MaxiCharger Series Wins iF Design Award 2022

iF design is global symbol of excellent design and hosts the annual iF design award, one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide. Almost 100 independent design experts from all over the world meet in Berlin to discuss and honor achievement in different design categories, including product design, communication, packaging, service design and concepts, architecture and interior design, as well as UX and UI. For almost 70 years iF has been giving design awards to companies worldwide, and Autel is honored to receive yet another prestigious iF award to go along with its previous winners.

The MaxiCharger AC Wallbox, DC Fast, and DC High power are all characterized by a beautiful modular design. Featuring interactive and easy-to-use touchscreens, the outer appearance of these chargers reflect not just a convenient charging experience, but a powerful one. With language selection, real-time cost analysis and power usage, MaxiCharger owners can optimize their charging schedules and bring power and control to their charging experience.

The MaxiChargers are designed to be placed indoors or outdoors and can be used in any weather situation, including rain, snow, and even sand storms.

Our MaxiCharger AC Wallbox also won awards at two exhibitions in Europe: The TTM exhibition in Poland and the APR Motortech Madrid exhibition in Spain. The AC Wallbox won the MTP Gold medal at the TTM exhibition. We are honored to receive these awards as it showcases our brilliance in design and engineering expertise. Thank you to both exhibitions for the awards!

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