Corporate Governance

Sustainability Oversight with Newly Formed ESG Committee

Autel is serious about its sustainability iniatives and is always looking for better ways to make our products and operations greener. The newly formed ESG committee is set up to do just that. A five-member team meets regularly and performs monthly audits on our factories, employee health, regional operations, and products to see how well we are doing and what we could be doing to better push our mission forward of creating a greener future. Autel's goal is to be net-zero company-wide for carbon emissions by 2035. The ESG committee will undertake to help the company reach this goal through the help of all stakeholders.

Strategic Supply Chain Plan

To provide excellent products and services to global customers, Autel has developed a global supply chain strategic plan covering procurement, manufacturing and delivery, which effectively supports the quality management of the company's products and services. Our production bases have earned the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and all products have obtained 3C certification, indicating an exceptional process approach and continual improvement.